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Best Sales Tip I Heard All Week

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businessA salesman (or saleswoman) has a tough gig.  Especially an honest sales representative.  Seriously, if you haven’t ever stepped into that role in a job, you probably don’t understand the frustration that comes along with it.

They say, depending on the product, a good example of a successful salesman is one that closes 8-10% of their prospective customers (leads). 10 out of 100.  1 out of 10.

Think about that.  A good sales person faces rejection more often than not.  Out of ten people, nine tell them to take a hike.  Heck, all ten may have denied them, but a good sales person can take that no and turn it into a yes.  The expression goes, you’re not a salesperson until they say “no”.  If everyone says “yes”, you’re just an order taker.

I was reading Matthew Pavli’s blog over at Trade Show News Network and mixed within a good number of solid sales tips, one of his pointers really stuck out at me….

“Call to Solve Their Problems, Not Sell Your Product”

How easily we forget that the reason our product is on the market is to fulfill a need.  If you don’t buy into your product and believe it’s the answer to a serious hole in the market, you’re never going to meet the sales goals your company sets.  The customer will feel you and it won’t feel good to them.  You’re just a guy with a thing trying to bamboozle next month’s rent.

People have said a good salesperson can sell anything.  And that’s true.  I like to think that I’m a decent sales person and yes, I could probably sell just about anything.  But to have All-Star kind of success, I have to believe in my product. When I do, it flows out of my pores and the customer buys my passion and conviction.

Know your product then know your prospect. When you discover their need specifically, it will give you a much stronger reason to call on them because you have the answer to their problem.


Read Pavli’s entire piece HERE.

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