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Act Like You Own the Place

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buildingsI’ve been wanting to write about this for a while because I’m such a big supporter of putting this policy into place for myself when I work for any given company.

Act like you own the place.

Show up to work with the attitude and respect of someone who truly values the company. Approach your job with an urgency and a mindset that you need to get to the office because if you’re not there, no one will turn on the lights or unlock the front door.

There are “how to get your employees to be an owner” articles all over the internet. But they’re all written to employers, giving them advice how to make employees feel like owners.  Some advising businesses to offer stock options and monetary incentives to help them feel like a player in the overall picture.

That’s fine. Employers should be open for suggestions on how to improve working environments for their staff. But employees need to think like an owner whether there are incentives or not.

Dedication to an ownership mentality has positive benefits for you and the company you work for.

  • It affects the way the company sees you and opens you up to promotions ahead of others who may have served more time.
  • It is noticed by customers and helps build their confidence in doing business with your company.
  • It inspires you to be more productive and achieve bigger goals.
  • It opens the door sooner for you to actually become an owner with your own business.
  • It just feels good to go to work with that company pride and it makes you someone that others enjoy working with.

Brenton Hayden, CEO of Renters Warehouse said that employees who act like owners are “Happy, energetic, easy-going, fun, positive attitude, gumption, hard-work ethic, ethical, open, honest, dedicated, willing to adapt to change.”

Hayden went on to say that an ownership mentality “creates opportunity for the CEO to work “on” the business rather than “in” the business.”

Makes perfect sense.

I have taken on the ownership approach in nearly every job I ever worked.  It’s helped me tremendously, not just in advancement but in attitude.  It gave me an extra drive to get up early, get to work on time and perform in a manner that inspires complete job satisfaction.  It also made me really look forward to the next work day.

Check your mindset. Are you an owner or an employee?

If you’re an “employee” and not really motivated to ever go beyond being an employee, fine. But that attitude will hold you down and limit your future to mundane career repetition. If you’re an “owner”, you’re destined to grow and advance beyond you can think or imagine.  Your possibilities are endless.

Choose the latter and climb the ladder.

Go get em!

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