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It’s Hard to go Swimming in a Blizzard

AtlanticCityThe Pool and Spa Show [2015] just wrapped up at the Atlantic City Convention Center yesterday and it’s pretty safe to gather that Attendees were hesitant to come out for a dip with dipping temperatures and a blizzard threatened to slam South Jersey.

MARTIN DeANGELIS of Press of Atlantic City wrote, “The weather apparently held attendance down a bit Tuesday — even if the snow was nowhere near as much as most forecasters feared, at least in New Jersey. But the organizers and vendors said they expected the crowds to pick up before the show ends Thursday.”

But it didn’t.

Not by much anyway.

And Exhibitors that spent thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars were very disappointed with the results.

No one is blaming the expo itself, their sponsors or convention center. It wasn’t their fault.

It’s that little unforeseen thing that happens sometimes called, “Act of God”. There’s nothing anyone can do about it and for those who frequent the trade shows every year, it’s not the first time this has happened–and definitely won’t be the last.

Every year, businesses spend collectively over $8 billion dollars to exhibit at trade shows. Companies do this because expos are a necessary part of doing business. However, aside from high costs, office interruptions, weather disruptions and employee wrangling, there is another issue 9 out of 10 business owners will tell you they have with these shows.

Lack of time.

A 2-3 day long expo doesn’t give companies enough time to see even half of the current and potential customers they are planning to connect with.

Trade shows are an important part of doing business. I’m not implying that your company shouldn’t attend them. With most businesses, showing at an expo is crucial for growth.

What I am saying is, if there was a way for you and your company to exhibit at an industry specific, on-going business to business trade show, with an unlimited amount of attendees from all over the world, at a cost about 98% less expensive then what you would spend at your typical show, would this be of interest to your company?

If you answered, “YES”, click HERE.

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Engaging Attendees at Your Booth

I love the Swag Vending Machine! Awesome idea!

 What other things can you do to make your convention experience better for others?

Some great ideas here.


To reach professionals worldwide in your specific industry check out!

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i.T.S. Bringin’ Biz Peeps Together


Click on the photo to view larger.


The next-generation of Trade Shows has arrived! Whether you’re an Exhibitor, Attendee, Buyer, Manufacturer or member of the Press, [iTS] has you covered. We are the destination for the employee, the employer, the self employed and even those looking for employment.

Online Expos is the first and only online expo portal where businesses can display and sell their products, market their services and network with a large industry specific user base.

The Show Floor Never Closes

Stay connected to hundreds of thousands of Attendees and Exhibitors in the comfort and convenience of your home or office 24/7. Plus, the show stays open all year long and is constantly updated.

How Do I Participate?

Signing up is easy. Just click on this link, choose the expo(s) that best represents your industry and click on the Exhibit Now or Attendees button. Fill out a few short fields and you’re ready to join the show.

All Things Trade Shows

In addition to our in-house online expos, iTS is your one-stop-shop for breaking news, entertaining blogs, cutting edge podcasts, media, floor plans and every resource you need for All Things Trade Shows!

How Can My Company Exhibit in the Online Expos?

Becoming an Exhibitor is quick and easy. You’re just a few clicks away to reaching a business to business audience worldwide. Our autobooth-builder will guide you through the set up process and our knowledgeable team is always on stand-by to assist as well.

What Others Say

Let’s face it, anytime that you do a live show, there’s no way of knowing what your success rate is going to be. It could be huge sales or no sales. What iTS can do is fill in the gap for you. It’s gonna help you throughout the year to constantly do that kind of business that you do at the live shows. Companies won’t have to rely so heavily on making huge profits at the show, they can reach people all year long.  –Kim Thornton, Exhibitor

I attend 40-50 expos per year as I cover trade shows for a variety of agencies and publications. This web portal is the answer to so many business to business needs. Not only are the online expos a great way to keep commerce alive inbetween the traditional shows, but the media and resources this site offers are refreshingly original and entertaining.  –Lisa Marie Brandt, Press


For more information visit


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Just Ask for the Sale

justaskToday’s ditty is gonna be short and sweet.


Too many sales people work on their pitch and master their craft only to severely fail and drop the ball by missing the most important step in the process.

The boldness of actually asking something like this:

“Assuming all the numbers are agreeable is it fair to say that I can expect to earn your business today?”

Oh my gosh! What if they say, “No”???

Then you know where you stand and you become a salesperson and help them change their mind.

No games, no mystery…just the facts. When they decline to do business with you it’s time to immediately ask them why not. See where your presentation failed and do your best to recover.

Don’t be afraid. That bold approach sometimes forces an unsure customer to move forward.

Go get ’em Tiger!

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FETC 2015 Coming to Orlando

fetcFETC is the content-rich conference that brings education leaders and technology experts together to exchange techniques and strategies for teaching and learning success.

Known worldwide for its outstanding program, FETC provides educators and administrators the opportunity to explore the integration of technology across the curriculum—from kindergarten to college—through hands-on exposure to the latest hardware, software and successful strategies.

FETC offers a wealth of information for all education professions—teachers, principals and deans, district administrators, curriculum designers, media specialists, technology directors and others.

To register or get more info, visit the FETC website here.

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Turn ‘Cold Calls’ into ‘Connect Calls’

coldcallI don’t think I ever met a salesman that enjoyed making cold calls. In fact, it’s usually the entry level gig to any major sales position with a company.

I’m a salesman. I’m not gonna lie. Cold calling sucks. However, the name Cold Call doesn’t mean that you have to be cold with the person you’re speaking with. Get off the script and find a way to connect. A first time phone chat has a much better chance of converting into a future deal if the focus is on the company and person you’re calling.

Meaning, don’t call to promote your product, call them to fill a need [with the help of your product]!

Lew Hoff, President of Bartizan Mobile Apps wrote a recent piece about this on TSNN. Hoff recommends using their profiles on social media as a tool. “If you use Linkedin and Twitter your cold calls don’t have to feel like cold calls because you know something about them and can possibly relate on a human level. The prospect could be a neighbor, went to the same school, have the same hobby. Be open with the people when you call about having looked at their LinkedIn profiles. It helps break the ice. Plus it shows you’ve gone to more trouble than 90% of the other salespeople who call them every day.”

Great points, read the full story here.

Lew says Cold Calls like this are considered Connect Calls. And that makes perfect sense because you are making a connection early which dramatically improves your chances of closing the deal.

Go get ’em Tiger!


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Why is it harder to get hired after 40?

oldermanI was browsing the business groups on LinkedIn to see what people were talking about and I tripped over a post about senior executives who are out of work and struggling to get their career back on track because they were being passed over in the hiring process by younger, cheaper candidates.

I’m glad they brought this up because as a 45 year old man, I have some experience in this area.

First of all, let’s break this down and be real here. Many businesses and corporations have an unwritten [or scratch paper written] policy for their human resources department to find the younger, least expensive staff options. I know it seems unfair for us seasoned resume carriers, but hey, it’s life, get over it. People by nature behave this way in all industries and even sometimes in their personal lives.

I never fell for the [Younger = Better] formula. As a director, I don’t use a narrow game-plan when building my teams. I am open to all age groups, so long as they provide the company with some upside.

What is upside?

Merriam’s Dictionary: Upside:  noun;  a part of something that is good or desirable : an advantage or benefit

In regards to employees I hired, ‘upside’ was the deciding factor in bringing them on.


Here are some examples of UPSIDE that I want to see if you apply at my company:

  • Are You Teachable?

Nothing worse than hiring a know-it-all. I know you have experience in this field, that’s why I’m interested in hiring you. Yet, if you think you don’t have anything to learn from me or my company, I’m gonna show you the door. Everyone has something to learn, at all stages of their career, you just need to be open to it.

  • No Bad Habits

This is similar to the last upside example I gave but I really want to drive the point home. Many people with a long resume come to a new position like an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. I call them ‘bad career habits’. They may even be willing to change but because they’ve done something one way for so long, they are unable to change. A new industry professional [a young person] has the upside in this area because they don’t have any habits yet. If I interview you, I want to hear you say, “I’m not a slave to ‘bad career habits’. I can be trained to follow any procedures or protocols.”

  • Are You A Team Player?

This isn’t always easy to detect during a job interview because most people are putting on their best behavior, but if you are all about you, I want nothing to do with you. I want to hire an employee or executive who is so company focused, that I catch you taking your own garbage to the dumpster. I want you to be hungry to see the team succeed, not just yourself. I want you to, by nature, be willing to lend a hand to a co-worker, without being told to. Selfless acts of good overall work ethic.

  • Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

You may have read or heard to this quote in The Bible, “Don’t Despise Small Beginnings”. It’s a great quote in today’s work place because companies may see you in another role that you didn’t apply for. And as long as there is an opportunity to grow with the company, accepting a different position in this tough market should definitely be considered. Another common thing today is the merging of job descriptions. Let me explain. You may have worked at one company in the social media/marketing department and another company as VP of Sales. A willingness to play a role in both areas will get you hired in a minute at my company. People that can wear many hats bring great value to a business.

  • A Good Personality

This sounds like it should be a given, but you’d be surprised how many people come to a job interview with the personality of a pet rock. You need to smile, have a positive outlook on things and display a sense of hungriness without seeming like it’s forced. You need to be excited and passionate to tell me about your credits but you also need to shut up when I’m talking. I like when you’re confident, even borderline a little cocky, but I also have information that I need to give you and it’s hard to do that if you keep talking over me.

  • You’re Hungry

I touched on this in the last paragraph, but this is big. I can’t tell you how many people I interview who show up looking like they’re forced to be there. Dude?! Do you know how hard it is to find a decent paying gig right now? When you sit across from me, I want to see that you’re excited about the chance to be a part of this company. I want you asking me, “when can I start?” That kind of passion gives me a sneak preview of you taking on projects or working with clients. I like energy.


When I was a radio producer in charge of major market radio shows, I interviewed for a morning show producer position at a Los Angeles radio station and I feel I made a pretty nice impression on my interview. I was hungry, full of energy and passion. However, I have been involved in many situations over the years where I thought I nailed it, only to get rejected later.

So, just to be sure, at the end of my interview I asked if they would let me prove my skills to them. I told them to give me two or three topics they planned on discussing on tomorrow’s show and then let me have access to their production room for about 30 minutes.

“Oh that’s not necessary,” the Program Director responded. But I insisted.

After gaining access, I quickly wrote and fully produced a few parody commercials and jingles that they could use to accent their planned topics. I did all the voices, added effects and music, and the quality was at such a high level that all of a sudden the “we’ll let ya know” closing comments turned to “how soon can you start”?

What’s my point?

Young or old, go to your job interview with confidence and on a mission to snatch that gig out from everyone else. If you face hesitation based on age, don’t let it shake you. At the end of the day, companies need the position filled by the best candidate. Show them that YOU are their best option, regardless of the fact that you’re over 40.

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Check Out Our Latest iTunes Podcast

tradeshowsubscribeMake sure to go to iTunes and subscribe to our free podcast, Trade Show On-Air!

We appreciate your support and are happy that you are enjoying our productions.

Please let us know if you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming show or publication. We’re always looking for now people to spotlight.

Have a great day!

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NAPE ‘Rockies’ Opened This Morning

NAPE_Denver_mediaThe annual networking event that brings together the players necessary to forge, facilitate and close deals, opened this morning in Denver.

NAPE offers prospects, producers and purchasers a unique chance to connect, reconnect, and make deals. More intimate than the annual NAPE Summit, this show is a “must attend” event for those who want to network with the people and players that have firsthand knowledge of the opportunities and prospects throughout the area.

The event is broken out into sessions that bring together respected and renowned speakers, vendors and attendees.

View the 2014 NAPE Denver Schedule of Events or view the NAPE Denver website for more info.


NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and for producing properties.

Founded in 1993 by AAPL, with partners IPAA, SEG and AAPG added over the next several years, NAPE has become the largest organization of its kind in the world, providing unmatched venues for oil and gas professionals to meet, network, connect and do business. With over 27,000 attendees expected this year, NAPE events truly are the place where deals happen.