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I Love Getting Ink

TattooI’m not talking about tattoos here people, although I have gone down that road before.  I love when people talk about us in other forums.

I was browsing some trade show news and blog sites today and discovered that we got a little love from our good buddy, Shane Shirley from SBS Brands.  You may remember Shane from a recent Trade Show On-Air episode we did on our iTunes podcast.

Shirley wrote,  “Another great opportunity I recently had, because of the work I do for Factory Direct Promo, was to be a guest on Wayne Lewis’ (iTS) podcast and it was not only a lot of fun, (Wayne is a great guy and tell me if you don’t agree his voice was made for radio?) but the short podcast is full of useful info for you.

We talked about a variety of topics from the California bag ban and the advantage of marketing your brand with reusable bags, as well as technology for the trade show floor to help you work greener and market more effectively. We’ll have more on this later, but you can liten and subscribe to Wayne’s podcast HERE!”

Read the rest of her article HERE.

Shirley was once of our best podcast guests to date.  We will definitely have her back again soon.

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How do I get Attendees engaged?

Office Workers Clapping at Office PartyYou spent the money and put together a really nice display.  Your staff has smart looking, trendy outfits and your latest product is the best in the biz.

So why is everyone walking right past your booth?

Lorraine Arams of Wize Time Management  gives some tips to the Entreprenette Gazette that will help direct Attendees right into your display area:

* Stand in front of the table, engage people – smile, exude lots of energy
* Give something away – eg a pen with your company’s name & website
* People love videos – great when you are away from your booth
* Create a game or a demonstration about something even if it has nothing to do with your company – eg a ball maze – people love to watch the balls go through the maze. It creates “buzz”.
* Create fun and energy around your booth – a mascot, a clown, give away great fake tattoos,etc

Social Media and brand marketing guru, Shane Shirley told The Trade Show News Network, “Integrating technology into your tradeshow experience will get people engaged and excited about what you’re offering and when you can introduce technology while also going green you can help the planet and stay true to your environmental initiatives.”

Shirley elaborated on that subject and later suggested polling, go green apps and digital press kits as a way of getting people more engaged.

Look for my interview with Shane later this week on our iTunes podcast, Trade Show On-Air.