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Set Short Term, Achievable Biz Resolutions

HolidayTextMany companies around the country sat their teams down and put together goals and targets for 2015 that they believe are achievable and needed to bring their company more success.

Okay, fine. Quick question though…

How many times have you done that in your personal life and stayed with it all year to see it through?

Yea, that’s what I thought. A big goose egg!

Set Short Term Goals

30-60 day goals will keep the team hungry and producing, which eventually gets your company to the annual numbers you’re looking for. Yearly goals seem unattainable and burn people out. Staff starts losing interest and focus until all your resolution planning falls to the wayside.

Motivating incentives, contests and competition based interoffice promotions will boost production and give you a very successful 2015.


As we say goodbye to 2014, and the staff at Trade Show Online and Trade Show On-Air would like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!  Be safe, love God, cherish your family, forgive those who hurt you and give back to others. A guaranteed formula for peace, prosperity and joy! Looking forward to serving you in 2015!

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tradeshowsubscribeMake sure to go to iTunes and subscribe to our free podcast, Trade Show On-Air!

We appreciate your support and are happy that you are enjoying our productions.

Please let us know if you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming show or publication. We’re always looking for now people to spotlight.

Have a great day!

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Charles Dugan Interview is Live

TradeShowOnAirCover_bOur latest iTunes podcast episode is up featuring the owner of American Image Displays, Charles Dugan.

Our host, Wayne Lewis,  brings out various helpful exhibitor tips and info from one of today’s leading trade show display companies.

Check out the interview HERE.

Make sure to subscribe to Trade Show On-Air so you don’t miss any future episodes.

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I Love Getting Ink

TattooI’m not talking about tattoos here people, although I have gone down that road before.  I love when people talk about us in other forums.

I was browsing some trade show news and blog sites today and discovered that we got a little love from our good buddy, Shane Shirley from SBS Brands.  You may remember Shane from a recent Trade Show On-Air episode we did on our iTunes podcast.

Shirley wrote,  “Another great opportunity I recently had, because of the work I do for Factory Direct Promo, was to be a guest on Wayne Lewis’ (iTS) podcast and it was not only a lot of fun, (Wayne is a great guy and tell me if you don’t agree his voice was made for radio?) but the short podcast is full of useful info for you.

We talked about a variety of topics from the California bag ban and the advantage of marketing your brand with reusable bags, as well as technology for the trade show floor to help you work greener and market more effectively. We’ll have more on this later, but you can liten and subscribe to Wayne’s podcast HERE!”

Read the rest of her article HERE.

Shirley was once of our best podcast guests to date.  We will definitely have her back again soon.

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“Please say ‘yes’; my rent is due!”

computerAs a salesperson, I’m pretty sure that the words “please say ‘yes’ because my rent is due” have never come out of your mouth.  It would be pretty hard to close any deals with that kind of desperate, transparent approach.  I mean, you may find one or two peeps that would make a sympathy purchase, but most prospects would tell you to pound sand.

jebJeb Blount said on, “Desperate people fail. You must get this emotion under control. Desperation is described by the Universal Law of Need. This law simply states that the more you need something, the less likely it is that you will get it. The Universal Law of Need comes into play most often in sales when lack of activity has left the pipeline depleted.”

So, what do you do? What do you do when you’ve been hunting for a job for so long that by the time you land one, you’re so broke, the guys at the end of the freeway ramp start handing you money when you pull up to the light?  What I’m saying is, thank God you got hired, but the reality is your circumstance has you feeling that if you don’t start selling immediately, your car is gonna get repo-d, your lights are gonna get shut off or worse yet, you’re soon to be living on the street.

Hang in there. Hang in there because you have no choice. Unless you decide to start selling drugs or become a stripper (not recommended–especially for some of you older hairy dudes), there’s really no immediate money available to rescue you in any job you get hired for. Salary, hourly or commission, you’re gonna have to wait till your next check, regardless.

That said, you have to shift your focus off of your need and push all that energy into focusing on their need.  Meditate on the solution for your prospects or potential customers. Learn the product that you’re selling, research the market and master the problem solving benefits that you will be bringing to the clients.

It’s really weird. The customer always seems to subconsciously know when you’re selling in desperation.  Even if you’re a solid sales professional, you ooze some kind of unpaid bills cooties, and they repel away from you like a mosquito dodging Citronella.

It’s not just individual sales peeps that struggle in this arena. Small businesses need to be aware that they will face the same challenges in sales if they treat every individual close as the one last chance to keep their doors open.

christinaChristina Mayer from Visitorz Targeted Traffic Booster posted a piece on LinkedIn called How to Sell Without Obviously Selling.  Below I listed a few points from her article that may help you reach your customers better (and faster):

  • Use social media marketing like it’s you, yourself, are using it – I get it that you and your brand are two different characters in marketing, but how can you be more engaging if you act as if you’re just a brand. As marketers, we already know the benefits of being “human” in marketing. And what is the best way to be human is by being human in using your social media profiles! But of course, you must have certain limitations to keep in mind when connecting through social media.
  • CTA does not always work like a charm – “Call to Action” buttons may trigger your audience’s minds to actually follow your command, but our audiences are smarter than what we think they are. For me, a button that, when I click, could cost me a couple of bucks shouldn’t be clicked at all. If you really want to engage conversions, state the benefits of your product. Tell them what they could miss when they do not patronize your product.
  • Use humor as an ingredient in “advertising” – This is one repetitive concept that I won’t stop from sharing. Putting in the “fun” element in promotion changes the message in greater depths. Happiness is one of the most enjoyable feelings that any customer could feel. And you know what they say, a happy customer is a happy buyer.
  • Create a big connection – One of the best tips that I learned from marketing is this. “If can’t advertise, let others advertise you”. Use your connections as your asset in marketing. Let them flaunt your stuff with grace. A buyer would most likely believe something if it came from another one’s mouth and from another brand’s mouth.

Good stuff. I encourage you to read her whole article here.

Bottom line:  I have found that honesty is the best policy, yes, even for sales people.  The truth comes with gifts of favor, referrals and longevity.

Lie-selling frequently yields instant success that doesn’t last long and could detriment your company or career long-term.

The best sales peeps are straight shooters who present the need and provide the solution.  Of course I am aware that companies pad numbers, stats and add fluff to things.  I’m not so innocent that I haven’t played into that or used some of their flow charts for my own gain.  All I’m saying is, a solid individual with integrity, who believes in the product they are selling–is unstoppable.


It’s always nice being able to sleep at night.

Check out my iTunes Podcast “Trade Show On-Air” –  HERE

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Register Early for The 2015 Image Expo

The IMAGE Expo, probably the largest beauty event in the Southwest, will be returning to Houston May 17 & 18–2015.

hairIn addition to hundreds of exhibitors, there will be over 200 educational sessions covering ‘all things beauty’.

Show organizers claim that previous success has this coming show filling up fast and advise business owners to register as soon as possible.

Exhibitors contact Mary at 512-249-5303.

Attendees visit the website HERE.

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Today’s Consumer Has the Attention Span of a Gnat

phonelookI kid you not–after I got the idea to write on this subject, I typed the title that you see above. At the same time, a song that I like began playing at my desk.  It captured me for a minute and the subject matter got me thinking about things in my life that related to the song. Five minutes later, I looked up at the screen and said, “oh yeah, I’m supposed to be writing about keeping consumer attention.”

True story.  I lost my own attention.  That’s how bad things have gotten with this society.  We can’t even keep ourselves interested in our own interests.

Remember this when you’re presenting your business or product to others. Generations of yesteryear grew up reading books, appreciating seminars and dissertations.  Audiences of today want you to get to the point fast, fun and easy to comprehend.  Whether you’re one on one, presenting to large groups, making a video or a post for social media, the same rule applies–wow ’em quick!

My good friend, Phoebe Chongchua from The Brand Journalism Advantage published a post called “Knowledge Can Hurt Business and What To Do About It.” Being a former news reporter herself, Phoebe gives a lot of advice that incorporates techniques from her news days. Great pointers that will work for your business of today.

For instance, in relation to keeping consumer attention she wrote, “The solution to creating content that’s informative and influential is to Think Like A Journalist…more specifically, a Brand Journalist. TV News journalists typically have about 90 seconds to tell a story. It doesn’t matter if that story is complicated or extremely basic. News shows are arranged to change stories quickly and keep viewers’ attention so they don’t change the channel. A TV reporter needs to be able to summarize the story, include interviews from sources, and deliver it succinctly. A brand journalist uses these same skills to help companies create messages that stick. Once you Think Like A Journalist, you then have to produce content using the same techniques that reporters use to capture attention and draw news viewers into the newscast.”

That’s great advice.  Think about it.  A good news writer can put together a tease at the top of the hour that keeps you watching the news, even if you planned on doing something else.  Oh c’mon.  Admit it.  The desk anchor on your favorite channel got you to stop pressing buttons on your remote when he announced, “Coming up…a family’s hero dog carries baby out of a burning building.”  You waited through the bad news. You hung in there through the weather.  You suffered through a boring sports day and the final commercial break that ended at :28 minutes into the hour.

How was the story?  It sucked.  It turned out to be about a dog trainer that uses baby dolls to teach rescue skills to K-9s.  You got duped.  You felt like you just wasted 30 minutes of your life.  But guess what?  You will do it again, if you haven’t already–because these folks are good.  They have mastered the art of engagement.  They can turn an average story into something fun and exciting.

That’s where you need to be when talking about your business or product.

Remember, even if your product is something that fills a needed niche’ in people’s lives, most people will never be as fired up about it as you are.  It’s your baby.  You’re passionate about it.  Understandable.  But you’re going to have to be creative when trying to generate that same level of excitement with your potential customers.

Another thing you need to consider is where consumers put their limited attention on a daily basis.

In America (and a good part of the world), people spend more time on their phones then they do with their family.  It’s a device that they use from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep.  Social media, cool apps and practical programs that help make modern life a little easier is a sure fire way to reach people.

Have you considered how you may be able to use devices to share whatever it is you’re trying to share?  I’m not talking about signing up for Facebook and boring people with news about your business.  I’m talking about getting your business involved creatively in their life.

In the next few days, I’m going to put together a list of Tech Tid-Bits that will Help Reach Your Consumers.  It will be a list of alternative ideas you may not have thought of that you can incorporate into your company’s marketing plan or pitch approach.

I thought about included them in this post, but I fear that I may already be losing your attention!  🙂

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How do I get Attendees engaged?

Office Workers Clapping at Office PartyYou spent the money and put together a really nice display.  Your staff has smart looking, trendy outfits and your latest product is the best in the biz.

So why is everyone walking right past your booth?

Lorraine Arams of Wize Time Management  gives some tips to the Entreprenette Gazette that will help direct Attendees right into your display area:

* Stand in front of the table, engage people – smile, exude lots of energy
* Give something away – eg a pen with your company’s name & website
* People love videos – great when you are away from your booth
* Create a game or a demonstration about something even if it has nothing to do with your company – eg a ball maze – people love to watch the balls go through the maze. It creates “buzz”.
* Create fun and energy around your booth – a mascot, a clown, give away great fake tattoos,etc

Social Media and brand marketing guru, Shane Shirley told The Trade Show News Network, “Integrating technology into your tradeshow experience will get people engaged and excited about what you’re offering and when you can introduce technology while also going green you can help the planet and stay true to your environmental initiatives.”

Shirley elaborated on that subject and later suggested polling, go green apps and digital press kits as a way of getting people more engaged.

Look for my interview with Shane later this week on our iTunes podcast, Trade Show On-Air.

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Booth music fines could cost you more than the show

Music Fines

$150,000 just for playing “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Not too many years ago, after the booth was all set up and the doors were opened, I would set up my CD player and put on my best mix CD of current popular hits.  I turned the speakers to about 6 or 7 (the most I was able to get away with from show organizers) and the music attracted extra visitors who would stumble in sometimes based on curiosity.

While I knew not to play this CD on my webcast station because of copyright infringement, I never even gave it a thought that my live presentations were putting my company at risk of being sued for tens of thousands.

Thankfully, we never got caught.  But today, exhibitors at trade shows are getting hit hard by publishing companies who want their cut when it comes to using their artists.

Due North Audio writes, “Unless you have purchased a license specifically for a trade show or conference, you won’t be able to play popular songs or remixes. The reason being is that artists have to be compensated if their music is being played in public. Music is influential and can alter people’s emotions so an artist’s song can directly affect your ability to have a successful trade show and increase business from the event. If songs are used without permission, you have declined to acknowledge the important role that the music had on your visitors’ energy. Since music is apart of your selling process, artists must be compensated as being apart of that process.”

Fines can be given up to $150,000 per infraction.

Read more HERE.